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Collect points and gain discount!

For each 5€ spent on products at the customer receives 1 loyalty point.

  • 50 points - 10 € discount
  • 75 points - 15 € discount
  • 100 points - 20 € discount
  • 200 points - 40 € discount

Points are assigned only for orders fulfilled. In case of products returned, the points for the products are lost.

Please Note!

For the time of other promotional actions the seller may temporarily suspend the loyalty programme, thus excluding the possibility of promotional conditions overlapping. The rebates acquired earlier may be used at any time. There is no possibility to pay out the discount in cash. For some orders the value of the rebate granted may be slightly different from the values specified in the menu. This results from the rounding-up mechanism and proportional allocation between the prices of the particular products covered by the order. The minimum order value after deduction of the one-off price rebate cannot be lower than 5 €


How loyalty points are scored
5 € = 1 point. For example: 62,5 € = 12,5 points. Only in case of product which has more sizes in different prices, points are assigned as for the cheapest product size. The number of points you can see in the basket. The points are calculated after paying for order.
How to check number of my points?
After login, go to "Your account" - there you will see the points at LOYALTY PROGRAM tab.
Does loyalty points are barred?
How do I exchange points for one-time amount discount?
A special menu with the ability to exchange points in discount will appear on the "YOUR CART" page, when you accumulate in your account of 25 or more points.
Can I pay with points for shipping?
No, rebate is deducted only from the value of the products. But you will get free shipping if order value after deducting the discount, exceeds 99 €.
Can I pay with loyalty program points for the entire order?
No. The minimum order value after deducting the discount is 10 €. + shipping costs.
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