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About CX Swiss Military


The original CX Swiss Military WatchTM timepieces are manufactured in Switzerland by Montres Charmex SA. The history of Montres Charmex SA goes as far back as 1926. This was the year when Max Bürgin, the father of today’s owner started his apprenticeship in one of the leading watch factories near Basel, Switzerland. His exceptional talents soon caught the attention of the management – he was promoted and eventually made head of the technical department. What he really wanted though was to have his own watch business, pursuing the traditional art of manufacturing state-of-the-art timepieces. His dream finally came true and in 1989 his son Manfred Bürgin together with his wife Kathleen joined the by then prospering company.
1999 their son Frank M. Bürgin followed and thus continued the family’s tradition. Manufacturing bespoke timepieces using but choice materials of the highest quality remains the credo of Montres Charmex SA to this very day.

CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH™ has supplied military and law enforcement units worldwide; most recently the Close Protection Unit of the UN troops in the Kosovo, the SEK SWAT team of Cologne, Germany, and the police of Zürich, Switzerland were equipped with our watches. These professionals rely on our products because we do NOT COMPROMISE – our watches stand for the highest quality and are tested both in the laboratory and under real life conditions.
Our R&D partners, the Oceanography Institute of the University of Southampton,United Kingdom, and the Laboratoire Dubois in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, help us achieve these goals.
Our Brand Ambassadors are professionals themselves and have tested our watches in some extreme conditions: Fuat Kent, professional diver and dive instructor with Greenpeace; Dr. Eric Heiden, Olympic gold medalist; Dr. Lee Spence, underwater archeologist and discoverer of the “Hunley”; Jim Littlefield, former Green Beret and law enforcement personnel instructor. We rely on their vast experience – an experience which allows us to come up with the sturdiest watches available on the market today.

20'000 FEET
After winning the world record for water resistance in automatic diving watches in 2005 with their 12’000 FEET by CX Swiss Military Watch™ model Frank M. Bürgin and his team of watchmakers and engineers were contemplating their next move. Only one goal seemed acceptable – not only to beat their own record but also the new world record a competitor had set in 2008 with 3’900 meters of water resistance. The R&D team around Frank M. Bürgin thus decided to annihilate all existing records by constructing the world’s first mechanical timepiece with a water resistance of a staggering 20’000 feet or 6’000 meters – and, again, with a chronograph!
First of all they had to develop a pressure tank capable of producing a pressure of 800 bar, the equivalent of a water depth of 8’000 meters. This alone proved to be a sizeable task as worldwide there are only two manufacturers of such manometers!
The team of engineers then started the intricate calculations of the measurements of the new world record holder – there can be no margin for error in a timepiece that has to withstand 750 kgs per cm2 of surface area. The absolute reliability of the watch was paramount and no compromise whatsoever allowed – the safety of the diver comes first. After several attempts the virtual prototype finally took shape and prototype production started.
However, technical problems like the connection of the domed, a massive 10 mm thick sapphire crystal to the titanium case had to be solved first and it took the dedicated team months to come up with viable solutions. Finally, after several nerve racking setbacks the first prototypes were produced towards the end of 2008 and the series of tests began. Crown, pushers and safety buckle underwent several static and dynamic pressure tests at the Dubois laboratory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – all tests were passed, the design and the calculations thus confirmed. In a next step the prototypes were sent to the Oceanographic Institute of the University of Southampton, Great Britain. For years this institute has been a reliant R&D partner of CX Swiss Military Watch™; in their pressure tanks they tested the fully functional prototypes for a water resistance of 6’000 meters and certified the positive result as per ISO norm 6425. Several more tests are ongoing at the IFREMER Institute, the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea.
A few weeks later serial production started after all preliminary tests having shown the expected positive results. Montres Charmex SA and their team of engineers and watchmakers thus managed to develop the ULTIMATE DIVING WATCH: the 20’000 FEET by CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH™, an automatic diving chronograph holding the world record for water resistance, was developed for the serious diver looking for a virtually indestructible timepiece of superb quality, a timepiece the diver can rely on whatever the circumstances may be. A timepiece made for eternity and the dark abyss of the Deep Sea!
The 20’000 FEET by CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH™ is manufactured in a limited edition of 1’000 pieces only.



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