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About KHS Tactical


KHS mission and military watches are well-known and employed in many countries, as well they used within many international special-purpose forces. Whether it is in use during the everyday operation of rescue personnel in a rescue helicopter or during official operations in crisis situations, KHS military watches are reliable time pieces.

The roots of the mark KHS lie in the advancement of the legendary military watch "Navigator P6500" to the "KHS navigator MKII". These advancements were achieved with the assistance and co-operation of special-tactic forces ranging from many different official military areas. One unmistakable characteristic of each KHS military watch since this co-operation is the red second hand that counts each tactical second, the exact counting minute and second hands are with a H3-tritium inlay, this is especially important for night employment. The lighting of the second hand in this case is very particularly important. Further innovations like the H3-colour combination "Operation Timer©", an especially very long textile NATO wristband, useful for wearing over a pair of overalls, jacket or divers suit or the tactical black "X|TAC©" band clasp contribute to the success of the brand KHS TACTICAL WATCHES.

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Biatec Corsair Watch

25 Oct 2016
Watches Made in Slovakia


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